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Beat Genius connects beats with new artists every month, without paying for ads, limited feature spots, or countless hours hustling on social media while artists get exclusive perks and a place to find their next big hit.

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How It Works


For Producers

  • Submit a link to your best beats
  • Your beats go into a daily pool
  • Check your play stats/rewards after the day of your beat run
  • Get rewards for listening, giving feedback, and upvoting beats


For Artists

  • Get a fresh beat pool every day
  • Listen to beats
  • Upvote beats you like and get access to the producer's info
  • Get rewards for listening, giving feedback, and upvoting beats




/ month

Free Forever

  • Producers: 2 Beat Submissions
  • Producers: Basic Play Stats
  • Producers: Beat Feedback
  • Producers: Embeddable Badges
  • Everyone: Daily Beat Pools
  • Everyone: Daily Challenges
  • Everyone: Daily Rewards
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/ month

Power Users

  • Everything in Free
  • Producers: 4 Beat Submissions
  • Producers: Detailed Play Stats
  • Producers: Drop Date Window
  • Everyone: Free Credits
  • Everyone: Reward Boosts
  • Everyone: Pro Member Badge
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Artist & Beat Pools

We randomly split up artists and beats into pools to give everyone a new audience, and a new set of beats every day. The more producers using the platform, the more diverse the artist pools become.


Daily Anonymous Voting

Every day, artists will get a new pool of beats to listen to, vote for, and give feedback on. All of this is displayed anonymously to let the beat speak for itself, without worrying about branding, marketing, or competing for social attention.


Bring Your Own Shop

We donโ€™t care what platform you use, whether itโ€™s BeatStars, Airbit, Soundclick, YouTube, or your own website. Link to your beat shop of choice without needing to set up a new store or upload your beats again.


Incentivized Engagement

Rewards are given to those who contribute to the platform and the community as a whole. We want you to use Beat Genius to make the industry better!


Producer Rewards

When your beat hits the top of the ranks, you get a badge for your socials and stores. We also give your beat a featured spot the following day across more user pools!


Artist Rewards

The more you use the platform the more credits you get which can be cashed in for... you guessed it... BEATS! (Don't worry producers, we still pay you what it's worth)


How can you guarantee an audience?

We figured out โ€œlet the art speak for itself.โ€ We developed TREND, an algorithm that splits artists and beats into daily, fixed-sized, randomized pools. TREND stands for Theoretical Reach through Equalized Network Distribution.

Through this algorithm, we can find the true trends by cutting through the noise of the established names and brands. Every day, each artist pool will have an average engagement level, listener type, and be assigned a beat pool.

Every day, each beat pool will have random beat styles by random producers and beat makers, fully anonymized with no identifying information. We donโ€™t even tell you what day your beat is going to be featured because that gives an advantage to those who have a following already. This guarantees everyone will have an equal shot.

Is it really free?

Yes, and you will get the same shot as anyone even if they choose to be a pro member.

Because of the algorithm, everyone on earth could submit a beat every month and have an equal audience. This is critical considering beat making is the most densely populated, oversaturated market out of any art form on earth.

What perks do artists get?

Artists earn credits by engaging with the platform, which can be redeemed for beats. We are constantly brainstorming new perks and features to enhance the experience for artists. If you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!

What perks do producers get?

Producers earn credits by engaging with the platform, which can be redeemed for featured spots. When your beat gets the most votes in your beat pool, you get a spot the next day across more beat pools and you will get a badge for your socials and stores. Featured spots do not take anything away from other producers, so your beat will never get buried.

How does the daily beat pool work?

Every day, we create a new pool of beats that are randomly selected from our database. Producers can submit their beats once a month, and when their beat is selected for a daily pool, they will be notified. After the day of the beat run is over, producers can check their play stats to see how their beat performed (they will likely get some traffic to their stores/websites too).

For artists, they receive a fresh pool of beats every day. These beats are completely anonymized with no identifying information, album artwork, or producer names shown. They can listen to these beats, upvote the ones they like to gain access to the producer's store to see more of their work. Both producers and artists earn rewards for listening, giving feedback, and upvoting beats. The anonymity ensures that the focus is solely on the quality of the music.

About Me


As a rapper/producer myself, I was selling beats in my city for thousands of dollars, but when I took my beats to online marketplaces like BeatStars and Airbit, I hit three big hurdles:

  1. FIRST: I had to learn marketing strategies, spending days perfecting my beat shop, my brand, my socials, and commenting on hundreds of videos. I dedicated 18 months full time to this grind and instead of making more beats and music, I was just burning out.
  2. SECOND: In order to have my profile clicked on, I had to (on top of being a marketing wizard) devalue my work, to double-digit, sometimes even single-digit dollar values.
  3. THIRD: To get any plays, I needed to pay. And even when I did, I would have to wait months for my one weekend shot because all the pay-to-play slots were bought up by producers making steady incomes already.

All of which works really well for the owners of the platforms but NOT for the beat makers.

I wanted to create Beat Genius to incentivize working on your craft of beat making, instead of your marketing skills, and to actually let the music speak for itself. And allow one centralized place for artists/rappers to find beats!

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